(Natasha Rajeshwari) Ridhima Tiwari Biography – Age, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Career

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Today I am going to give you information about Natasha Rajeshwari in this article, which many people also know by the name of Ridhima Tiwari. Natasha Rajeshwari is an Indian Actress and Model.

So Let’s see the complete biography of Natasha Rajeshwari and let’s get to know each detail about her.

About Natasha Rajeshwari

Official Rajni Kaand

Natasha Rajeshwari was born in Tamulk, West Bengal, India, she has done many dramas in her childhood and she was very serious about acting since childhood because she loved acting and grew up to be an artist.

Due to this, she decided to go straight to the world of films after finishing her studies. Let’s find out more about Natasha Rajeshwari.

Ridhima Tiwari Biography – Age, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Education 

A Quick Information About Natasha Rajeshwari’s Biography

NameNatasha Rajeshwari 
NicknameRidhima Tiwari 
Father Name Not Known 
Date of Birth 31 July 1993
Age29 Years
OccupationModel & Actress
BirthplaceTamulk, West Bengal, India
Current City Mumbai, Maharashtra 
LanguagesHindi, English, Bengali 
Educational Qualification Graduate 
BoyfriendNot Known 
Zodiac Sign Aquaris
Marital Status Unmarried 

Biography of Natasha Rajeshwari

Natasha Rajeshwari is an Indian actress and model, who predominantly works in Hindi web series. She was born on 31 July in Tammulk, West Bengal, India.

Natasha did her schooling and college in West Bengal only. Natasha is working in Hindi web series like School Girl, Shaurya, Natasha Swimming, Madhosh Diaries, and Jalebi Bai.

Natasha belongs to the Hindu religion and also she is a married woman. Presently, Natasha lives in Haldia, West Bengal, India.

She also has 83K followers on his Instagram account. Natasha is also a social media influencer. Natasha wanted to act since childhood because she loves acting very much.

Her childhood was spent in West Bengal, India, she did her schooling in West Bengal, and after that, she completed her college in Vaishno Maa Ni Regdi, after that she completed her Graduation and after that, she went straight to modeling.

She modeling for a long time, and after that, she slowly started moving into the world of acting. As soon as she started acting, she had to face a lot of difficulties in the initial phase because none of Natasha’s family members were associated with the film world, due to which she had to work hard and struggle to establish herself in the acting world.

She played a lot of minor characters in the initial phase after that gradually she started getting work and today she is working as an artist in big web series.

Family of Natasha Rajeshwari

Natasha Rajeshwari who is also known as Ridhima Tiwari loves her family very much and her family members are proud of her today.

Happy Natasha has brought laurels to her family and her city. Natasha Rajeshwari constantly posts pictures and videos of her family on social media and shows pictures of her parents through social media.

Till now we do not have firm knowledge about how many members are there in Natasha Rajeshwari’s house because Natasha has not talked about her family members in any interview yet.

But as soon as we get information about it, we will definitely reach there and many people have this question too. Whether Natasha is married, Natasha is not married, she is currently focusing on her career.

The career of Natasha Rajeshwari

Friends, as I told you, Natasha Rajeshwari was dreaming of becoming an actress since childhood, because since childhood, she was very fond of the film world and used to do plays during her school days.

Due to this Natasha’s family members also supported Natasha at every step, so wherever Natasha Rajeshwari is today, it is because of the love and support of her family members. But Natasha Rajeshwari has not worked directly in the web series.

She first started modeling at the beginning of her career because Natasha Rajeshwari looks very attractive and beautiful, due to which people suggested her go into modeling.

Because of this Natasha first modeled Mahesh Ali and there she also got a very good job. But Natasha did not want to remain just a model, she had to become a famous artist, due to which she started modeling as well as acting and she also got work in many TV serials and music videos.

She played very small roles but did not work in any web series or film as an actress, due to which Natasha had to struggle a lot.

But gradually she started getting good work and got a chance to work in the first web series of his acting career Uncut Adda Series “School Girl” web series which was made by Ullu web series in the year 2021.

Usually, The web series was 18+, due to which there are many good scenes in this business, due to which people liked Natasha’s character very much. And after this web series made a new turn in the life of Natasha Rajeshwari and after that she got offers to work in many good web series.

After this, she continuously worked one by one in all good web series of Ullu and other OTT platforms. Natasha Rajeshwari (Ridhima Tiwari) became the best actress in the web series.

Physical Appearance of Natasha Rajeshwari

Natasha Rajeshwari pays a lot of attention to her body, due to which Natasha looks so attractive and beautiful in appearance.

She believes that if you have good health, you can look beautiful for a long time and work for a long time, so She pays a lot of attention to her body and does not like to eat outside food at all.

She eats home food and keeps, due to which their health is always good and along with this, Natasha Rajeshwari exercises daily, due to which her health is quite fit.

let me give more information about him like what is his height, what is his weight, what is the color of his eyes, etc.

Height 154cm1.54m5’1″
Weight 59kg130 lbs (Pounds)
Sexual Orientation Straight 
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Black 
Body Measurement34-28-34

Some of Natasha Rajeshwari’s Favorite Things

There are some things in Natasha Rajeshwari’s life that she likes very much, like many people search which sport Natasha Rajeshwari likes the most or which artist she likes, etc.

All these small things that Natasha Rajeshwari keeps telling during the interview, which sport she likes, which artist she likes. So I will tell you below some of Natasha Rajeshwari’s favorite things which she likes to do in her free time.

Favourite Actor Ranveer Singh 
Favourite Actress Alia Bhatt
Favourite Sports Cricket
Favourite Film Bollywood Movies 
Favourite Song Old Songs
Hobbies Selfie Lover, Photography, Nature Lover
Favourite BrandLevi’s, Gap, Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein 
Favourite Food Non-Veg

Some interesting facts about Natasha Rajeshwari

  • Natasha Rajeshwari also knows as Ridhima Tiwari was born in Tamulk, West Bengal India and since childhood, Natasha wanted to grow up to become a famous artist.
  • Natasha Rajeshwari loves her family very much nothing is more important in her life than her family.
  • Natasha Rajeshwari has worked in many short films and music videos in the beginning.
  • Natasha Rajeshwari looks very attractive and beautiful, so she has her own application where she posts pictures and videos that people pay to see.
  • Natasha Rajeshwari is very fond of food and she likes non-veg food very much, at the same time she also likes to take pictures, and in her free time, she takes more pictures of Nature.
  • Natasha Rajeshwari is very active on social media and she keeps on making short and sweet videos along with her family members.

Natasha Rajeshwari Web Series List 

Ridhima Tiwari Web Series List
Ridhima Tiwari Web Series List

Natasha Rajeshwari has worked in many web series till now, initially, she started her career with modeling but gradually she started acting, and gradually she started getting work in TV serials. After that, she now works as an actress in web series.

Below are some of her popular web series.

  • Walkman
  • Vasu
  • 61-62 Babu Ji Ghar Pe Hai
  • Nalayak
  • Official Rajni Kaand
  • Jalebi Bai Part 3
  • Jalebi Bai Part 2
  • Jalebi Bai 
  • Madhosh Diaries Good Wife
  • Kitab ka raaz

FAQs For Rajeshwari Web Series

Q1. Who is Natasha Rajeshwari and when was she born?

Natasha Rajeshwari is an Indian Actress and Model she was born on 31 July 1993.

Q2. What is the age of Natasha Rajeshwari?

Natasha Rajeshwari is 30 years old.

Q3. Where does Natasha Rajeshwari live?

Natasha Rajeshwari is from Tamulk, West Bengal India.

Q4. Name of the best web series of Natasha Rajeshwari?

Natasha has worked in a lot of things till now but some of those web series are her very good web series whose names are as follows:-
61-62 Babu Ji Ghar Pe Hai
Official Rajni Kaand
Jalebi Bai Part 3
jalebi Bai Part 2

Conclusion of Natasha Rajeshwari Biography 

So friends, today we got a lot of information about Natasha Rajeshwari (Ridhima Tiwari) Biography in this article, I sincerely hope that you have liked my article and that today you have learned a lot about her through this article.

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